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How to get what you want in life

  Ever hear the one about God wanting to catch up with Man?   GOD: Hey Man, reckon we can have a catch up? MAN: Sorry God, I’m way too busy for that shiz, I gotsta get my ass to work. GOD: What do you mean, work? MAN: I needs to make me some chedda. … Continue reading


Where to find yourself in New York City.

I initially wrote this for Women’s Health, back in 2010, for an article on ‘lessons learnt in travel’. They didn’t publish it – it wasn’t ‘travel’-related enough – though we talked about turning it into a different, bigger article later down the track. Then things got busy, and I never wrote the thing. But I … Continue reading


The quarter life speed bump // 21 November, 2013

Some thoughts on making it… (whatever that means.) This is probably my favourite article I’ve ever written; originally for Fairfax. Recently, I found a list of goals I had set for myself when I was 21. “Buy Chanel bag”, was the first thing on the page (very important). “Dye hair brown at least once”, came next, closely … Continue reading


It’s over for all of us // 19 November 2013

If Miranda and Orlando can’t make it work, what chance do the rest of us have?

TV: My car is uncontrollably impressive. // 6th November, 2013

Does anyone else feel ridiculously inadequate when they drive down the street in their non-BMW convertible/Range Rover/Golf gti? Yeah… I used to. Until I bought this car. I challenge you to contain your jealousy.

Perfect comes later.

Just start // 4 October, 2013

“Just start”. I love that line. It’s so perfect for people like me who, so paralysed by the idea of needing everything to be perfect, refuse to begin anything until they’re sure – absolutely, totally, one hundred per cent sure – that they’ve got it right.

Kingston the schmoodle tests out his bed for the evening.

Kingston the Puppy: Unleashed // 27 September, 2013

This post first appeared on my blog at Australian Traveller. I must admit, at first I wondered why I, the great Kingston the Schmoodle, was crowned with the honour of testing out Sydney’s poshest pet-friendly hotel. After all, I don’t own any pets! Unless you count my old, chewed-up teddy bear, Frederick, although he spends most … Continue reading


The other side of Hayman Island // September, 2013

This feature first appeared in Australian Traveller magazine. Hayman Island will always bring to mind images of seaside opulence, but there’s more here than just white sand and water. Words by Georgia Rickard You might say that a main pillar of a luxury holiday involves having the freedom to do whatever you want, but on Hayman Island, that is … Continue reading

club med

Club Med is Not A Dirty Word // August 20, 2013

This piece originally appeared in International Traveller magazine. I confess: Club Med has never really captured my imagination. Not in the way it’s meant to. It’s the place my mother had a wild affair with a Tahitian in the ‘70s – apparently he showed her some very inventive ways to explore an island. She’s never forgotten … Continue reading

Slovenia: more beautiful than you know

Love and other gap year adventures // 15 August, 2013

This post first appeared on my blog at Australian Traveller. Like most Australians, I took a gap year before I settled down into a career. Mine, which didn’t take place after high school but commenced once I’d finished university, was intended as a cultured, grown-up affair rather than a rowdy beer-soaked mess (well, I was 20 … Continue reading


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